Location:Karlstad, Sweden
Project: Ongoing


A public pier into one of Lake Vänern’s many delta-bays in the city of Karlstad, Sweden.

The city is developing a new housing area in a former industrial part of Karlstad the capital of Värmland, which is a region with a long history of timber- and iron-industry.  The pier is a public art project and as such connected to the municipal development. 

The pier is situated as a prolongation of the central axis through the new densely developed area. It is pointing southwestwards towards the natural reserve on the opposing shore.  

The form of the pier allows a lot of people to spend time on that which is a pier’s most attractive part; the very end. The public space at the end of the pier is sheltered from wind and from the city view by tall benches lining the two sides of the pier.

The pier is a concrete structure: pillars, slabs, floor and 160 meters of prefabricated bench-elements. The area of the pier is 1500m2.

Construction beginning 2019