Location: Rome/ Campo - Orleans/ Le Frac Centre Val de Loire
Project: 2016 - 2017


The project is a result of an invitation to take part in the exhibition Misunderstandings organized by CAMPO in Rome and Le FRAC Centre-Val de Loire of Orleans.  

As one of twelve teams we were given a framework of a human emotion (Hope) and an architectural principle (System) to be used as a lens to reflect upon two images from the FRAC archive of experimental architecture (Walter Pichler).

The twelve teams of the exhibition are Black Square, BuildingBuilding, LIST, Lukas Feireiss, Manthey Kula, Matilde Cassani, OBRA, OMMX, PioveneFabi, Saba Innab, UHO, Vazio.

How did we start?
We interpreted, we associated, we let ourselves be inspired.
We searched, we recognised, we did not research.

Being architects we work with materials and tectonics, with substance and space, with proportions and form. To construct three-dimensional order involving all these entities is our profession. In this process abstract concepts are interpreted and transformed into tangible matter.

Where did we go?
Towards Other House.
One structure, two inhabitants, one building, two territories, one nature.

The life in the house is told from A – Y.

Z is another story.