Location: Lake Isle of Innisfree, Ireland
Competition: 2015

What to protect? That which is still untouched and that which we long for
What to give? A specific place with a universal resonance
What to get? A floor and a seat


We suggest not touching the Lake Isle of Innisfree. Instead we propose a floating furnished floor. A highly polished stainless steel surface onto which a sculptural, yet functional galvanized chair is welded: mounted on pontoons dimensioned to support the platform right above the water level. The installation will be made at a steel manufacturer in Sligo, launched from a local marina and towed to Trawane Bay where it will be moored during the celebration. The readings on the 13th of June will take place on this floor, close to the lapping water, overlooking the isle.

After the celebration the installation may be moved to other places along the shore of Lough Gill, offering a specific point from where to contemplate the Sligo landscape. In due time the steel floor will be transported to its final position at the campus where it will continue to await lingering dreams.