Location: Vevelstad, Helgeland
Built: 2015

For the landscape part of the project the main focus was to minimize the traffic area and to give the intervention in the vulnerable coastal terrain a distinct, but subordinate form. This is achieved by eliminating ditches and retaining walls, carefully planning the cutting of bedrock, the forming of new ground and the surface drainage.

For the service building we tried to achieve a structure that embodied the idea of two places being connected across space. We wanted a transparent building through which one does not only see the old tavern, but every part of the built structure. The small structure consists of two load bearing gable walls in concrete and an up side down vaulted roof of 10mm galvanized steel spanning between and cantilevering past these walls. Underneath the roof, and stabilized by it, there are insulated spaces of very thin wooden frames and glass. From inside the rooms, one can see through the ceiling up on the continuous steel vault. To create shade inside these glass rooms, the roof structure has an asymmetrical section with cantilevering awnings towards the south. The somewhat technical appearance of the building was never an intention in itself, but a result of the desire to expose every part of the structure and to make use of the static potential in the inverted vault.

Photo credit: Manthey Kula